Christmas Gifts 13 Year Old Boys

Finding Christmas gifts 13 year old boys actually like can be kinda hard. Most thirteen-year-olds I know think they’re much cooler than they actually are, just because they are finally a teenager. Plus, they are probably still in middle school or junior high which makes them the oldest in their school and they think they can go pick on younger kids. At least I did. The key to keeping them in line is a good gift to keep their minds off of trouble-making. My favorite descriptions ever of these kids is by Encyclopedia Dramatica. LOL.

Anyways, 13-yr-old guys are usually online a lot or playing video games all day.  If they get bored of their video games, they might start exploring sites you wouldn’t be too happy with, so either make sure their gaming is under control. or get them  a toy then gets them outside. Here is a list of gifts that Shane and I think would be the best Christmas gifts 13 year old boys would love.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 13-year-old Boys

  1. UFC: UFC 70 lbs. 3 Piece Bag Combo

    13-year-olds think that they’re cool… or at least they want other people to think that. This is probably why UFC is the top interest of 13-year-old boys on Facebook. This punching bag is great for UFC fans, but it also makes a great gift for a boy who has JUST become a teenager. He get let out all his hormonal teen anger, build up muscle and be just like his heroes.

  2. Nerf Sport Flag Football Set

    Flag Football is one of the best part of high school. This game is awesome and I don’t know anyone who didn’t love it as much as I did. This Nerf Flag Football set brings the high school nostalgia home! He’ll be the only one who goes in to high school fully trained in the physical education curriculum.

  3. Gamecraft Weighted Bowling Set

    This weighted bowling set is an awesome quality for the price. The more fun and physical activities you can find for your 13-year-old, the less likely he’s gonna find his own fun in all the things you told him to stay from.

  4. MGA Easy Score Soccer Set

    This Easy Score Soccer set is another awesome gift for a 13-year-old. Next year, he’ll need to know what sports or clubs he’ll want to join so it’s a great idea to give him plenty of practice to feel out as many sports as possible.

  5. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System with 44″ Acrylic Fusion Backboard

    This portable basketball system is another great gift to buy for an 8th-grader. Basketball promotes a healthy, active lifestyle as well as team sports.

  6. PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle

    All the cool kids are getting PlayStations for Christmas! But the coolest kids are getting the PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle! You’re going to buy the game eventually anyways (it’s that good) so you may as well get it from the get-go!

  7. Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

    This super sick Powell skateboard is one of the top sellers this year. He can’t be sporting the same deck in high school that he was in middle school! C’mon!

  8. Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands – Wii

    He wants this game. You’re welcome.

  9. Deluxe Foldable Poker / Blackjack Card Game Table Top w/ Carrying Bag

    We know he’s too young to gamble, technically. But look at it this way: he and his friend will all think this foldable poker table is super cool, and it’s a pretty intellectual and wholesome game he can play at home!

  10. Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 5 – 8 Collection

    If he likes anime, he needs this box set.

If you’re a 13 year old guy, what are your most wanted gifts on your Christmas list this year?

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    Oh my goodness! My son specifically asked for at least 5 things Ive seen on your website today. Great resource for shopping for my teenage son. Will definitely be coming back.

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