Christmas Gifts 19 Year Old Boys

This is why this Christmas list for 19-year-old teens is the BEST gift list on the internet!

Christmas Gifts 19 year olds deserve gifts that are going to let them hold on to this final year on teenage youth before adulthood smacks him in the face.

If you have a 19-year-old son or family member, chances are he’s already in college and just coming home for the holidays. He’s used to spending his days and nights doing CRAZY awesome college stuff. This means that your Christmas gifts are going to have to live up to the excitement he’s used to.
We’ve listed some of the most awesome Christmas gift 19 year old boys could only hope of getting!


Top 10 Gifts for 19 year old teenage boys

  1. Skateboarding: Penny Complete Skateboard (Black Deck/Rasta Trucks/Red Wheels, 22-Inch)

    This retro-styled plastic skateboards are super awesome. Because they’re smaller, they’re a little trickier to ride. But he’s a big boy. Plus, what better way validate your “badassedness” than rollin’ up this. god. damn. trendy.

  2. Basketball: Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System

    I’m a firm believer than you can never go wrong with a basketball hoop. Especially one with this kind of class. Whether he’s still living the garage or he only comes back for summers and holidays, this classic gift will make him appreciate home that much more.

  3. Football: Magma Light up Football

    Who doesn’t love playing with a football? But why settle for a dull and ordinary football when this football brings the party?

  4. Hop Hop Dancing: Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

    He’s 19 years old. So if he hasn’t learned to dance by now, he better start! You’ve got a better chance of practicing your killer moves uninterrupted if your beats are this kind of portable!

  5. French Kiss: Jack Black Power Trip Travel Set

    Of course a 19-year-old guy would have french kissing on his top 10 list of interests! If he wants any chance at all at making a great first impression, he better go above and beyond your run-of-the-mill hygiene habits. This compact travel set ensures you’ll never be without it.

  6. Playstation: PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

    It’s time he upgraded that yard-sale headset he got in 8th grade. But c’mon, think about it. He’s a good kid. He deserves it. From this point forward, it’s all growing up! This is the thing that let’s him, and you, hold on to the kid in him.

  7. Weight Training: Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand (Combo)

    Fitness is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. It’s time he grows out of those scrawny boy arms and started building the muscle of a man! This versatile weight set has plenty of options without wasting space in your home gym!

  8. Wi-fi: Karma Classic – 1st Generation – 4G Pay-As-You-Go Wi-Fi

    This super cool portable hotspot encourages you to share your connection with friends and strangers y rewarding both of you with free data!

  9. iPad: Apple iPad Mini MF432LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray )

    The iPad mini is the ultimate convenience in note-taking for a 19-year-old boy fresh into college. This gift lets him have his files at his fingertips without weighing him down, giving him the flexibility to accept any opportunity life throws at him!

  10. Photography: GoPro HERO4 BLACK

    College only comes once, and it’s often looked back at as the best times of people’s lives. He’s gonna want to relive these memories, even if only in his mind, whenever possible. And nothing will allow these memories to shine brighter than the newest, most advanced GoPro ever!

What’s on your Christmas list? Put it in the comments!

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    Thanks! This really helped me pick a gift for my boyfriend!

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    This Christmas list for 19-year-old teens is the BEST gift list on the internet!

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