Christmas Gifts 15 Year Old Boys

Christmas Gifts 15 year old boys will love depends on their lifestyle. This is the age most teenagers‘ lives revolve around three things: relationship (boys and girls), technology, and partying. Yep. Partying. He’s been in high school for a full year now so he’s been brought up to speed on alcohol by now.

That’s why we think the best Christmas gifts 15 year old boys should have are gifts that not only make him look cool, but they make him look cool from the comfort of your home. We’ve got video games, headphones, ramps… we’ve even got a futon so he can invite his friends over, be cool, and hang out, all under your supervision. Pretty sneaky huh?

And if he does need to leave the house, he’ll look good doing it, and he can keep in touch. Check out the Top 10!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 15-year-old Boys

  1. NCAA Football 13: NCAA Football 14 – Xbox 360

    You better start buying some educational video games because this is getting out of hand. Can you imagine if all the time spent on video games was spent on learning? SIKE! This game is sweet. If you’re teen boy doesn’t love it, we’ll take it off your hands for ya.

  2. NASCAR The Game 2011: Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

    Just one more year until he’s 16 and will legally be able to drive. The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel ensures he gets plenty of driving practice in while putting the least amount of people at risk.

  3. Skate 3: Skate 3 – Xbox 360

    I find when it comes to teen boys, you can never give them too many wheels, whether they be real or virtual. Skate 3 is definitely a video game to roll into your collection.

  4. Eminem songs: Beats Solo 2.0 On-Ear Headphones

    Eminem is killin’ it just as hard as he was 15 years ago! It would be doing Marshall Mathers a disservice if his beats were experienced through inferior sound equipment. If there’s someone who understands how Eminem’s music deserves to sound, it’s Dre!

  5. Cell Phone: HTC One M8, Gunmetal Grey 32GB (Verizon Wireless)

    Like I always say, if you can’t afford an iPhone, get an iPhone C. If you can’t afford that, get an HTC. Just kidding. But really though if you’re going to get an HTC One, te gunmetal grey version is slick.

  6. PJ Ladd: 1080 Fly Box Skate Park

    A man will never have balls as big as he does while he’s 15-years-old. I mean that entirely figuratively of course. At 15, boys this they’re invincible. So if they’re going to learn an action sport such as skating or BMX, 10th grade is the perfect time. Jumpstart (no pun intended) his sports career with this Fly Box Skate Park ramp!

  7. Super Bowl: Mozaic Full Size 6-Inch Futon Mattress, Navy

    A futon is to a 15-year-old boy as a waterbed was to a 60s flower child.

  8. MX vs. ATV Reflex: MX Vs ATV Reflex – Xbox 360

    Hopefully, if he gets all his gaming out of his system when he’s 15, he’ll wear himself out and actually be successful when he’s older.

  9. Shooting: Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol (.177)

    If not for anything else, these things work great gor keeing birds from building nests in your trees.

  10. Clothing: Under Armour Big Boys’ UA Storm Armour® Fleece Big Logo Hoodie

    Under Armour is a signature brand in sports apparel and this hoodie is top quality! Get this sweet looking sweatshirt and your fifteen year old will be turning heads!

What are you getting your fifteen year old this Christmas? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share!

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