Best Camera/Video Gifts

With new technology coming out every year, it becomes hard to stay on top of the best products. Well, here at gifts for teen boys, we did all the dirty work for you. Below are 3 of the best gifts out there for the photography-inspired teen. Any of which would definitely be one of the best gifts a teen boy could receive.

The first thing to consider is the type of camera or lens you are seeking. Something that attaches to a phone will be some form of lens adapter, whereas an actual camera is way more advanced.

Everybody’s personal preference may change slightly, but any teen photographer looking for some new equipment would be 100% stoked to receive any of these items. They’re all unique in their own ways creating good, one-of-a-kind gifts. Scope the items below and enjoy.

Ollo Clip 4-in-1

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Solution for iPhone 5/5s - Silver/White

Attach to your iPhone 5

The Ollo clip is an essential tool for any teen boy and makes for the perfect gift. You know how you normally try to get a group shot, and you can’t get everyone in the picture? Or if you try to do a group selfie, someone’s head is always chopped off? The Ollo clip provides this rad fish-eye effect to get way more of everything in the picture. The ollo clip is definitely one of the best gifts for teen boys that exists for the photographer type.


Garmin Virb Elite Camera

Garmin Virb Elite Camera - Dark

1080 HD. WiFi.  GPS.  Action. Boom.

Garmin is known for GPS units, but that shouldn’t stop people from looking into their action camera line. The Virb, featured here, is a perfect example of gifts for teen boys that they’d actually want to keep. The camera packs a pretty big punch, having WiFi, GPS and full 1080 Footage. This camera is nothing but top notch and the brand is a name you can trust. The only potential drawback, is the weird shape. But who cares?


GoPro Hero


Gorgeous and dependable 1080 HD

Everybody wants a GoPro, and for good reason. These cameras pack performance into a tiny square that can only be matched by their own counterparts. The GoPro offers an extensive line of incredible cameras, but the truth about it all is this— unless you’re producing a video professionally, you have no need to have anything bigger than 1080 HD, ever.  The bigger the resolution, the more file size you’ll consume. Meaning you’ll just go through all your storage for photos and videos that are too big. Anyway, any teen boy will love a GoPro Hero, the base model. It has everything you want and nothing you don’t, making it one of our top choices for 2015.

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