Top Outdoors Gifts

Everybody loves to play outside so finding an outdoorsy gift should be a top priority. It simply feels good to be outdoors. With so many new brands coming out each and every year, it becomes hard to stay on top of what’s new. Well, below are 3 of the most popular gifts for the 2014/15 holiday season. Scope out the products below and give an awesome gift this year!

Bru-Bag Yard Game

Bru-Bag yard game "Classic Set"

Like corn hole, but better.

The perfect gift for teens with friends. Nothing says I’m a guy like throwing bags through holes. Give the gift that keeps on giving with the Bru-Bag.


Ladder Toss, Tri Toss

Triumph Sports USA Trio Toss: Ladder Toss, Bag Toss, and Washer Toss

The ultimate 3-in-1 solution.

The gift he’ll actually still use far after being a teen. Really. This is the ultimate 3-in-1, providing ladder toss, bags AND washers in one easy-to-use set up. Perfect for a group of friends or some fun impressing his latest girlfriend. Even when he’s off to college, he’ll be pulling this trio out to impress his friends and most importantly, to have a good dime. The ultimate 3 in 1 trio is a top pick from us here at Gifts For Teen Boys.


Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket, 4 1/4

Strong. Reliable. Accurate.

The tennis racket. So many try to do it right, and so many fail. Give him a gift he’ll actually  use, like this high quality 3 strung tennis racket. He can play with friends or by himself. The point is, he’ll be outside away from drugs and doing something positive, like smacking balls with rackets.

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