Christmas Gifts 18 Year Old Boys

This is why this Christmas list for 18-year-old teens is the BEST gift list on the internet!

I had a lot for fun picking out Christmas Gifts 18 year old boys would like because I’m going to be 18 in May, so I basically got to pick out a bunch of sweet gifts for next year. At 18, a teenage guy can vote, go to college, buy a house, get married, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. This is the year to set him up right, but also cut him a little slack!

Christmas Gift Ideas for 18-year-old boys

So here’s our list of gifts to keep him out of trouble (except the Margarita machine) so he will avoid all those other things 18 year olds can do, like go to jail, get sued and lose his tuition in a poker game in Vegas.

In case you’ve forgotten just what makes these gift lists dominate your mother’s gift list, is our gift suggestions take advantage of the big data accessible through Facebook Graph Search to find the Top Gifts for 18-Year-Old Boys for Christmas 2014!

  1. Basketball: Flash Furniture Basketball Task Chair with Arms

    Your sweet 18-year-old teenager is finally a man and, most likely, getting ready to move out of the nest and into a dorm. And what better way to add a pinch of zest to those all-nighters spent slaving over text books than doing so in a super sweet basketball desk-chair?

  2. AK–47: Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

    If you and your teenaged-gift recipient have the kind of relationship in which is feel appropriate to gift said teenager with a surprisingly realistic clone of a deadly weapon, then this gift idea is for you! Nothing quite says badass like a minor with a firearm.

  3. Hip hop dancing: GOgroove MOVE L3D Rechargeable Stereo Speakers & Mood Lamp Night Light

    18 is the age when a boy discovers what his hips can really do… so before you let him unleash his wildebeast into the world, give him a safe environment to let his freak flag fly! This portable speaker slash instamood-lighting generator is the perfect gift to instantly transform him into an adolescent Patrick Swayze. Guess who just put baby in the corner.

  4. Super Bowl: Big Joe Dorm Chair

    His first year in college is going to lack the comforts of home in tons of areas: home cooked meals, free deluxe laundry services, weekly “maid” service… but with all those things lacking comfort, this giant dorm-friendly bean bag chair doesn’t have to be one of them. This stellar Christmas gift will make him feel so cozy, he’ll think he was back in the womb!

  5. Jordan shoes: Nike Men’s NIKE AIR JORDAN Basketball Shoes

    The gift that keeps on giving with a pimp-walk guanteed to last all the way to college and back again. His first week of college has the ability to make an impression that lasts through his college career. This super sweet kicks can’t NOT give hi that extra hop in his step. Make him feel like a million bucks for less money than your phone bill.

  6. Skateboarding: Sector 9 Fiji Complete Skateboard

    Puberty is hard and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a teenager is ever harder. Just the fact that you’re researching this gift for him shows that he survived it and now he can cruise down easy street (or at least until fall semester of college starts!). This Sector 9 longboard will give the twisted roads ahead the smoothest ride possible.

  7. iPad: Factory Unlocked Apple iPad AIR 32GB

    This super sleek, ultra-portable iPad Air ensures he’ll never have an excuse to be unprepared for class. This thing not only looks fancy, it can do almost anything a laptop can do, only this bitch has a touch screen! Want something even more pocket-sized? Take a look at the iPad Mini!

  8. Cash: Amazon Giftcard

    The thing about giving just straight up cash is that it’s tempting for the receiver to feel guilted into using the money for bills and expenses. Some people look at gifts and occasions and valid excuses for indulging a little more than usual. A giftcard is a great way to do that. An Amazon giftcard is a great way to guarantee that he’ll be able to pick out a gift he really loves.

  9. Snow: DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boot, Grey

    Not even turning 18-years-old will give a teenage guy that sense of freedom like being strapped to a board going 50 mph through powder down the side of mountain. These super slick snowboard boots by DC will have him turning heads so often it’s a safety hazard!

  10. Partying: Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker with No Brainer Mixer

    Ok ok… so he’s not quite 21, but even without the secret ingrediant, this frozen drink maker is sure to be a hit for all graduation party-goers. Disclaimer: just because his drink is a virgin, doesn’t mean he is.

If you’re 18 and you know of a really cool gift, we haven’t listed, put it in the comments!

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