Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System
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Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 Speakers

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Product Description

Product Description
GigaWorks T3 2.1 Speaker System takes audio enjoyment to a whole new level, with the integration of innovative design, premium components and state-of-the-art technologies. The subwoofer's compact yet high output SLAMdesign delivers excellent dynamics for deep, tight bass. The satellites elegantly house exceptional quality drivers that deliver full midrange and scintillatingly clear highs. GigaWorks T3 also comes with Low Standby Power technology (patent pending) which consumes a negligible amount of power compared to other speaker systems. Features a volume control pod with low friction volume dial and auxiliary input and headphone connection for private listening. A true top performer, GigaWorks T3 offers a pure music listening experience with a style that complements any setup. Package Contents: GigaWorks T3 Left and Right Speakers, SLAM Subwoofer, Volume Control Pod, Stereo-to-Dual RCA Cable, Quick Start Guide. Product Description The Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System adds superior sound and style to any entertainment system, game console, or computer. The stereo speakers have a small footprint while delivering stunning clarity, with crisp highs and a full midrange. A compact subwoofer handles the low notes and utilizes SLAM technology for tight, responsive bass and maximum efficiency. The volume control center houses an integrated headphone jack and an auxiliary input for any MP3 player or audio device.

The T3 2.1 combines a small footprint with excellent audiophile quality.

With advanced drivers, the satellite speakers deliver spectacular sound. View larger.

Enhance the sound quality of your game console, computer, stereo, and more.
Speakers Designed for Appearance and Performance
These speakers have more than just good looks; they were built to produce a rich sound with enough presence to fill any room. Each satellite speaker has an audiophile-quality driver surrounded by a stylish chrome trim ring.

The subwoofer features three individual drivers and the type of deep bass you'd expect from a much larger unit. Stick it anywhere in the room to feel the explosions in your soundtracks or the drumbeats and bass riffs in your music.

Control and Connections at Your Fingertips
Volume is controlled from a stand-alone pod, so you can choose where it goes for convenience and easy access. The pod also has an integrated auxiliary input--no more crawling around behind your equipment to find a place to plug in your MP3 player. The large, easy-grip dial lets you set the perfect volume level, and you can easily plug your headphones into the built-in jack for private listening.

Power-Saving Technology
When you're not enjoying the GigaWorks T3, the system's power-save mode consumes far less energy than a standard speaker system. Each GigaWorks T3 satellite speaker measures 3.7 x 5.9 x 3 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 0.8 pounds. The subwoofer measures 9.3 x 8.4 x 11.3 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 13 pounds.

What's in the Box
GigaWorks T3 speakers (left, right), SLAM subwoofer, volume control pad, stereo to dual RCA cable, Quick Start leaflet.

The stylish T3 2.1 system produces sound rich enough to fill a room and includes a headphone jack for private listening.


  • Audiophile quality drivers deliver full midrange and clear vibrant highs
  • SLAM desgined subwoofer provides excellent dynamics for deep, tight bass
  • Low friction volume dial with headphone jack and auxiliary input
  • Low Standby Power technology minimizes power consumption
  • Connect to your computer, MP3 player, LCD TV or other stereo audio sources


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