The 3 Best Snowboards of 2015

With new technology coming out every year, it becomes hard to stay on top of the best products. Well, here at gifts for teen boys, we did all the dirty work for you. Below are 3 of the best snowboards for under $500, which would definitely be one of the best gifts a teen boy could receive.

Things to consider: Price, Size, Brand, Type

Everybody’s personal preference may change slightly, but any teen snowboarder looking for a new set up would be 100% stoked to receive any of these boards. All of them offer unique snowboarding features that make them one-of-a-kind gifts. Scope the boards below and enjoy.

K2 Raygun Snowboard


Men’s All-Mountain Under $360

The Raygun is a classic board that always over delivers. It has rockered tips with a flat camber profile to give the carves instant engagement. Lighter materials means lower rotation weight and hybritech constructional so brings strength. For $400 you cant beat this awesome snowboard as  a gift for any teen boy.

Available Sizes: 150, 153, 156, 157W, 159, 160W, 161, 164W


DC PBJ Snowboard 2015


Men’s Park Snowboard Under $350

DC is known for quality and this board shows nothing shy of being top notch. A true twin makes this classic board perfecting for jibbing, popping and carving around. Ollies are plentiful with the new weight-savings design. This board will help any rider excel from park to street to pipe. A timeless classic from a timeless brand. You cant go wrong giving a new DC board as a gift to your favorite guy.

Available Sizes: 144, 149, 153, 155W, 157, 159W


GNU Metal Gnuru Snowboard


Men’s All-Mountain Snowboards Under $449

GNU makes sraight up awesome boards. With their patented Magne-Traction edges, you can be sure to hold a carve on ice while still stomping spins without catching an edge. Any teen boy would love this snowboard as a christmas gift. This board was featured on Transworld Good Wood so you know it’s one of the best. Available in multiple sizes, but generally for the bigger teen.

Available Sizes: 152, 155, 158, 162

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